How declined payments and overdue accounts are handled

Sometimes cards are declined even when they have plenty of money in the account. For privacy reasons, banks don't share the reason these payments are declined, but it’s usually due to your bank’s fraud detection being overly cautious and mistakenly blocking the “22SLIDES.COM” charge.

To find out the actual reason a charge was declined, you’ll need to call the number on the back of your card and ask. You may also need to ask them to allow any future charges from “22SLIDES.COM” to be approved so it doesn’t happen again.

After the first declined payment, there is a total of 15 days before the website is taken offline, which should be enough time to fix any issues or replace a lost card.

After the 15 days, the website is taken offline and archived. It’s kept safe for 6 months before it’s permanently erased.

  • Payment attempt 1
  • Wait 3 days
  • Payment attempt 2
  • Wait 5 days
  • Payment attempt 3
  • Wait 7 days
  • Payment attempt 4
  • Site taken offline
  • Wait 6 months
  • Site permanently erased
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