How can I stop people from downloading my images?

Go to the “Add-ons” page in your 22Slides control panel, then click the button in the “Image Download Blocker” section.

This places a transparent image in front of all of your images, so when a visitor tries to right-click and save your image, or drag-and-drop it to their desktop, they’ll be saving the transparent image rather than your image.

The bottom line is that anything you see on a web page has already been downloaded to your computer, and if someone knows how to save these files, they can. There’s not really any way around this.

Please note that this doesn’t disable right clicking or drag/dropping altogether, it just makes people download the wrong image when they try to download images.

If you'd like to completely disable right-clicking and drag/dropping, you can paste this code into your settings > custom code > body  field:

<!-- Stop drag/drop + right-click (Place in your 'body' code field) -->
$(function() {
$('body').on('dragstart', function(e) { e.preventDefault(); });
$('body').on('contextmenu', function(e) { e.preventDefault(); });

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