How to setup a GoDaddy domain with 22Slides

Sign into and click the "DNS" button next to the domain you'd like to setup.

Find the row with Type: A and Name: @, then click the edit button on the right side.

Enter into the "Points to" field and save.

Find the row with "www" in the "Name column", click the edit button, then delete it.

Now, at the bottom of the section, click the "Add" button.

Choose "CNAME" for the "type", enter "www" for the "host", and enter "" into the "ponts to" field, and save.

Now you're done with GoDaddy. Login to your 22Slides website, click the "settings" tab, then the "setup a custom domain name", and enter your domain name into the blank.

Your domain should start working within a few hours.

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