How to add a link preview image for sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, text messages, etc

If you're sharing your site by way of places like Facebook or LinkedIn, you'll likely want to take advantage of their built-in link previews.

To do this, head over to the "settings" section of your control panel and scroll down to the "Preview Image" section.

Click the button to add a photo, and that's it!

If your new preview image doesn't appear/update when you post a link to your site on Facebook or LinkedIn, you may need to perform a couple extra steps to force them to update their system:

  1. Visit the social networks debug tool:
  2. Enter your website address into the field and click the button.
  3. With Facebook, you may need to click the "Scrape again" button.

Once you do that, you should see your updated preview image when posting links to your site 👍

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