How to add a contact form to your website

22Slides has a built-in contact form to allow clients to email you without having to display your email address publicly.

You can add one to any text page on your website by clicking “Insert” at the top of the text field and choosing “Contact Form” from the menu.

It’ll put this short code into your page, which will be automatically replaced with the actual form when you view the page on your website:


Emails will be sent to the address you use to log into 22Slides. If you’d like to change this address, you can do this by clicking "account’ at the top of the page and changing it there.

You can also add custom fields by expanding on the default code:

(Desired shoot date(s):text),
(How did you hear about me?:text),

The custom question needs to have a “:text” appended to the end and the whole thing must be inside parenthesis.

Note: email addresses have been known to reject emails sent by forms like this. If you use a email, please simply type your email address out rather than using this form.

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